When I got to FPK, Aug 65, I was told the importance of writing
clear, legible, as well as to the point reports.  Including all the facts -who- what- why- where - when and how.
Well Claude Anderson made this somewhat of a CHALLENGE. 
How?? He drove the entire North End, non-stop, while I wrote. Oh I forgot to mention it was in EVERY ALLEY. 
When I asked if he could just drive on a regular street until I got my report done.
He said “NO! This way you'll appreciate a regular partner when you get one.”
Also while writing I would ask him a question, like, 
"Did she say the suspect had on Blue pants"?
No answer. 
Question repeated. 
No answer.
Claude would just look at me and say. 
"When you are out here by yourself and there isn't anyone else in the car but GOD. You’ll realize he doesn't answer questions either."
Remember the dip at Hooper and Firestone, while driving Southbound and writing?