County of Los Angeles


                 Office of the Sheriff

                  Hall of Justice

      Los Angeles, California  90012




SHERIFF’S BULLETIN                          #076-1                                    August 3, 1972





A one-year pilot program utilizing women in full-time field policing will commence in September.  Lady Deputies will be assigned to various Stations where, as equally responsible team members, they will engage in apprehension and investigation functions.


It is our intent to maintain our image as a forward-looking, highly professional law enforcement agency.  This will require the commitment of not only the lady participants but also the support of the entire Department.  The purpose of the program is to evaluate the ability of Lady Deputies to fulfill the requirements of field policing within a still broader objective of determining if women can be utilized in all facets of police work based on ability and not on gender.  Evaluation of the results will be done by independent research consultants.


Highly trained and qualified women will be selected and, together with the Male Deputies, will be expected to maintain this Department’s reputation for the highest level of professional law enforcement.  A teletype soliciting lady applicants has been disseminated Department-wide.  It is our hope that our most qualified and professional women will be encouraged by their supervisors and co-workers to apply for these positions.  While only ten ladies will be utilized initially, we anticipate that approximately 20 women will participate in the special 80-hour training session, which will commence August 14, 1972.


This is an excellent opportunity both for the Department and for the lady candidates and we encourage enthusiastic participation.