†††††††††††††††††††††† BY KEVIN AHLEMEIR



My name is Kevin Ahlemeir, I was a CSO at
Firestone (1988 - 1991) as a young 19 year old pup.  Although I was
never a Deputy there I got my first introduction to police work from
some of the finest Deputies of the day.  I should know, my step dad
trained there in the early 70's (Sgt Bob Mueller).

I was never a Stoney Boy, but I sure thought I was a bad ass, working
the worst area of So. Central.  I admired the rough and tough Dep's
at the time and wanted to return to the park after the academy for
FTO training.  But, I was young and immature and left the business to
work on hot rods for a while.

Well I regained my composure after a stint in the Army and am now a
Police Officer with L.A.  I've driven by the old station at 7901 and
have visited the Emporium at STARS and saw the old Radio Car log
board that used to hang in the Watch Sgt.'s office.  It all brought
back good memories.

There are too many names to try to remember from the late 80's. 
Great guys who kicked ass (literally) on the ghetto streets and some
great old timers who told stories about how bad it "used" to be (no
matter what era they were talking about).

I saw what happened after the Rodney King incident, and I saw what
happened when Dep. Yamamoto was killed.  I got my first black eye
from a "community member" with a warrant and I got my first stolen
auto suspect.  Well, I found the guy in the car; the Dep's came to
the rescue and got him.

I've run into a few of the younger guys (at the time) whom are now all
Century Station trying to keep the Pirates alive.  But no doubt
things, and the times, have since changed.

I take a little bit of FPK with me even though I didnít "earn" any
notches while there. And although I wear blue, there is still some
tan and green in me.

Stay Low and Shoot Straight . . .