To: Feedback@msnbc.com>
Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 6:56 PM
Subject: Sicko Sniper

Ashleigh Banfield and MSNBC,
Congratulations! You did it again!

This comment is in regards to your program last night on MSNBC wherein you interviewed the female Criminalist about the Sniper Attacks. Ashliegh you facilitated this criminalist in providing this Sicko Sniper with some EXCELLENT CLUES as to what to do and what not to do, in order to successfully evade capture by Law Enforcement. You folks will never get the big picture will you? Apparently you are All blinded by ego, profit, and sensationalism at all cost to the public.  I am certain that your appalling lack of good sense coupled with a total lack of ethics will contribute measurably to the Snipers success, which just in case you cannot figure it out, translates into more dead children!  FYI, Law Enforcement hides and protects certain information from the press, not because they don't personally like the press, or are against the idea of a "free press," but because in doing so, it helps them catch bad people and successfully prosecute them. Still don't get it, do you! Well, corner a good Homicide Cop someday and have him give you a few examples of how this concept is applied. If you do not know how to find a good homicide cop then I would suggest the following: Go to a major sized police department, ask them to direct you to a crew who has been out on the street beating the bushes and chasing a killers trail for at least 12 to 16+ hours neglecting his own health, family, and friends in an effort to protect you. Find them.  Ask the oldest cop, probably in the disheveled suit, with big bags Under his tired looking eyes. Right Ashleigh, the one with the Doughnut!

Art Fransen
LA County Sheriff's Dept.